Alphatech provides consulting services on various dredging matters. We aim to tailor these services to suit individual clients, thus ensuring they can get the best possible result.

Having highly qualified dredging professional. Alphatech has started building dredgers and record has build 12 (twelve) CSD’s with anchor boats and support boats

Our Company guarantees high quality and schedules performance for all kinds of Dredging and Reclamation works:

  • Dredging and Reclamation for the new port construction or existing port reconstruction

  • Dredging new waterways in harbors, inland waters, and offshore areas

  • Dredging to maintain existing waterways’ depth

  • Replacement of bottom ground

  • Deposition soil hydraulically

  • In-washing of road beds

  • Mining Reclamation

  • Delivery of dredge materials (sand, gravel) to building sites

  • Trench dredging for underwater pipelines and cables

  • Underwater pipelines and cables protection

  • Shore protection and beach restoration

  • Survey and underwater inspection of dredged areas, dumping grounds, and approaches

  • Placing bedding materials and installation of concrete blocks and masonry dams, models, breakwaters, and protective walls

  • Pile-driving

  • Jetty and pier construction

  • Underwater engineering works

  • Integrated design and engineering

  • Hydro-technical works


We are dredging contractors specializing in stockpiling, land reclamation, and channelization as well as general maintenance dredging works with various projects completed and ongoing. We pride ourselves on being one of the most consistent and sort after indigenous dredging firms in Asia.


Sedimentation and siltation are natural phenomena and a permanent threat to navigation and accessibility to ports.

Maintenance dredging requires a lot of knowledge about the dynamics of an estuary and even more experience on how to deal with tides, currents, flood channels, bars, bends and the various nature of suspended material.

It is carried out with respect for environment, reducing overflow and limiting turbidity. Moreover smart dredging supports the processes and uses the river dynamics for keeping the gateways open.


We act as specialist intermediaries/negotiators between dredgers, as well as owners, and charterers. We have built a strong and reliable reputation which allows us to acquire the best equipment in the industry with all parties’ content that their interests are being looked after.


Creation of new ports, deepening and widening access channels, berthing places, docks and turning channels are a permanent necessity in order to meet the needs of our trade and economy. Capital dredging guarantees sufficient depth and width in the access channel, turning basins, docks and at the toe of quay walls. The dredged material may beneficially be used for reclamation of new land.

Capital dredging is carried out in a perspective of sustainable development, aiming for the long term and with respect for nature.


Beach nourishment is a soft alternative to hard coastal defenses and protects against flooding and erosion by dissipating wave energy. It creates an environment for developing tourism and related services. Beach nourishment restores the natural order and strengthens age-old natural processes.


Reclamation creates land for the future. Volumes of sand are transported to the reclamation from a borrow zone at sea or material from capital dredging projects.