Providing construction solutions

Alphatech1 Sales and Purchase team has long been one of the leading Sales and Purchase businesses in the International Shipping Market.

In Singapore, we have dynamic & High Caliber Professionals comprising years of experience in all aspects of the Industry.

Our Teams are always on hand with sound business advice & provide the highest quality assistance in meeting the diverse needs of clients in the Marine & Offshore Industry.

We have a commitment to the community and the environment in each of the regions
where we carry out our production activities. We take care of natural resources
and protect native ecosystems.

Cell Guide Repair

Repair of all kinds of engines including replacement of crank shaft and entire engine

Turbo Charges

Ventilation Fan Repair

Stocks of new, reconditioned and spares of all machineries (eg Alang), we have our warehouse near the ship breaking yard

Main & Auxiliary engine (new/used)

All kinds of fabrication including hull damage repairs

Accident Damage Repair

Specialized in Hydraulics systems and controls

We supply anchor and chains including fitment. We are the wholesale distributors for anchor and chains in Asia for leading Chinese company

Alphatech1 Pte Ltd is incorporated as a Limited Liability Company to render Marine, Dredging and Special Transportation Services.

Our Marine Asset Chartering division works closely with ship owners to charter vessels for customer’s shipments (both part and full cargo), by checking and planning all technical, legal and commercial aspects.
Alphatech1 can offer transport options that are fully compliant with international standards.

we are a reliable and smooth operation on optimum utilization of their vessels in accordance with Charter Party provisions. In support, our operational departments are in contact with the vessels/various agencies/clients to ensure operations are executed as per the client’s expectations and C/P provisions.

In addition, the Chartering department provides:

Market information to management with daily/monthly reports.

Reports on in/out chartering fixtures concluded by the department.


Services Readily Available 

We are authorized to do Annual  and 5 years yearly Inspections/ Servicing by the following flags

  • Panama Authorities
  • Liberian Authorities

Thou our engineers are trained by Japanese makers, we have been authorized by the above two flags,

LSA and FFA servicing/ testing etc., approved by different IACS class

Calibration services for various types of Temperature, Pressure & other Instruments.

We are a one-stop solution for the shipping field, with experienced professionals in the marine industry. Our prices are very competitive, and above all, we value our customer satisfaction.

In addition, we also undertake the following services.

Load testing of equipment and safety gear.
Pre-sales and purchase inspection, DD supervision, vessel take over inspection
Arranging dry docking of vessels in various places in Singapore
Agency services in various ports
We also carry out tank cleaning, gas freeing, de-slopping, desludging, and supply of fresh water to vessels in OPL Singapore, Malaysian and Indonesian Waters

Steelworks, pipes, and onboard installation.

Lifeboat & davit testing servicing & repairs.

AplhaTech1 has some makers, Class and Flag State approvals

LSA & FFA services.

Cranes & grabs repairs and services.

Hydraulic systems and controls. Including supply of spare parts.

Including supply of spare parts

Boiler automation.

Fault finding, repairs, new design & installation etc

AplhaTech1 has some makers, Class, and Flag State approvals

Temperature/pressure gauges, breathing air compressor/air quality test etc

Fault finding, repairs, new design & installation, etc